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Fickles Custom Coins
(Designed For Magic)

ClownSec Coins: I designed these coins specifically with magic in mind. For that reason these coins are the exact same dimnsions as a Morgan Dollar coin and the edge is reeded for better grip. The front of the coin has a silhouette of a clown in an army hat and reads "ClownSec Clown Army" while the back shows "Welcome To The Big Top" and "Honk The Planet" with symbols representing geek culture with the letters HPVAC and a binary coded message to HONK. The coins are perfect alternative to carry without the worry of dropping your precious silver antiques.

Clown Army Chinese Style Coins: This is the second coin I designed for magic with high contrast and a hole in the center for color changes/spellbound routines. This coin is shimmed so it will stick to a magnet and they are also reeded for a better grip. The front of the coin features Japanese characters which translate to "The Clown Army" and there are the letters H O N K separating the symbols. The back side futures a very hypnotic spiral which is very smooth or "soft" when gliding against other smooth coins. I designed this coin with a larger hole in the middle than most coins for tricks like Mario Lopez's "Chinese Tweezers". This coin makes a great pendant to put around your neck and you can remove it any time for some quick magic. If you buy two of these Ill throw in a piece of leather for a necklace and you can do parts of "Charming Chinese Challenge" or Gregory Wilson's "Unleashed" routine.

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REAL Silver Antique Coins
(Currently Only Morgan Dollars Available)

About These Coins: The Morgan dollar is the most prestigious dollar sized coin used by professional coin magicians. They are real silver with a reeded edge for grip. The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. These few coins I have for sale were minted in 1921 and were not in circulation long before the Morgan Dollar was phased out. They are generally easier to find in better shape with a better reeded edge and therefore are less expensive than the more rare years. Coins can be darkened with bleach or polished to a bright silver shine depending on your preference.

Price:I hand select these coins when given the opportunity and only select coins which I would use myself without major scratches or dings etc. Morgans fluxuate in price based on the price of silver and other increasing rarity.

I am selling these coins for $30 each with free shipping in the US for those who cant find one locally and dont want to be overcharged on ebay or potentially get a damaged coin. The coins pictured are the actual coin you are purchasing. Please specify if you have a preference.

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(QTY. 5 Available)

Please Note: As can be seen in the photo these coins are not "SOFT" and are not "UNCIRCULATED" quality which would make these worth well over $100 each. These coins are intended for coin magic or casual collectors. Silver can always be polished and look as good as new if desired but many prefer the authentic aged look.

Fickles Magic Kaleidoscope Deck
(AKA Rainbow Deck/Motley Deck/Stolen Cards)

(QTY. 30 Available)

Difficulty Level: The Kaleidoscope Cards is a classic in magic that requires no previous knowledge of card magic making it a perfect routine for beginners.

About This Deck: I built myself a perfect Kaleidoscope Deck out of 33 of my favorite premium decks of poker sized playing cards with air cushioned finish by Bicycle/United States Playing Card Company. I have included limited edition and common premium decks like "Momento Mori", "Bikes", "Ellusionist Artifact", "Red/Blue Monarchs" etc. (CLICK HERE for a complete list)

To make each deck requires 1 card from these 33 unique decks and therefore I have materials for only 52 decks total. I will keep a few and give a few away and have the others for sale here for $20 each. I will not be working to recreate this deck so grab one if you like these decks for magic or just collecting! Decks come in a plastic hard shell display case.

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($20 Includes 33 Cards, Clear Case, and Instructions)

Effect: The magician shows the entire deck has unique art on the back of each card. The deck of cards is then handed to the spectator where they are asked to deal one card at a time on the table until they choose to stop completely at random. The selection is marked with a face up card and buried in the deck. The process is repeated and a second card is selected and buried in the deck by another spectator.

Reveal One: When the cards are spread, astonishingly even though the two marker cards were placed in two random places by two different spectators they have both marked cards which have same back design!

Reveal Two: the two chosen cards are turned over and the value of the two randomly selected cards match the marker cards! The are both black kings!*

Reveal Three: The entire deck of cards is spread face up and we see they are all red kings!* The spectators chose the only two black cards in the deck!

*Please Note: Not all decks will reveal the "Kings". Each deck is unique.

Watch Kaleidoscope Cards Performance

Fickles Stickers
(Because Fickles Likes Stickers)

If you order anything I sell Ill send a couple stickers but if you want just stickers or need more I still have mutant bunny glitter green stickers and some blue mutant bunnies. Send $5 And Ill send you some!