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Fickles Magic Kaleidoscope Deck
(AKA Rainbow Deck/Motley Deck/Stolen Cards)

(QTY. 30 Available)

Difficulty Level: The Kaleidoscope Cards is a classic in magic that requires no previous knowledge of card magic making it a perfect routine for beginners.

About This Deck: I built myself a perfect Kaleidoscope Deck out of 33 of my favorite premium decks of poker sized playing cards with air cushioned finish by Bicycle/United States Playing Card Company. I have included limited edition and common premium decks like "Momento Mori", "Bikes", "Ellusionist Artifact", "Red/Blue Monarchs" etc. (CLICK HERE for a complete list)

To make each deck requires 1 card from these 33 unique decks and therefore I have materials for only 52 decks total. I will keep a few and give a few away and have the others for sale here for $20 each. I will not be working to recreate this deck so grab one if you like these decks for magic or just collecting! Decks come in a plastic hard shell display case.

Purchase A Kaleidoscope Deck
($20 Includes 33 Cards, Clear Case, and Instructions)

Effect: The magician shows the entire deck has unique art on the back of each card. The deck of cards is then handed to the spectator where they are asked to deal one card at a time on the table until they choose to stop completely at random. The selection is marked with a face up card and buried in the deck. The process is repeated and a second card is selected and buried in the deck by another spectator.

Reveal One: When the cards are spread, astonishingly even though the two marker cards were placed in two random places by two different spectators they have both marked cards which have same back design!

Reveal Two: the two chosen cards are turned over and the value of the two randomly selected cards match the marker cards! The are both black kings!*

Reveal Three: The entire deck of cards is spread face up and we see they are all red kings!* The spectators chose the only two black cards in the deck!

*Please Note: Not all decks will reveal the "Kings". Each deck is unique.

Watch Kaleidoscope Cards Performance